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Svojsík's Dream

In 1933, The World Scout Jamboree was supposed to be held in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Unfortunately, the organizers didn’t receive support from the government and instead the jamboree took place in Gödöllő, Hungary. After a hundred years we want to finally fulfill the dream of our Czech scouting founder, Mr. A.B. Svojsik.

In 2031, we want the 27th World Scout Jamboree to take place in the Czech Republic. Not only will it be an opportunity to celebrate the success of our Czech Scouts and Guides, but It will also be an opportunity to use Czech stories to promote the Czech Republic to the rest of the world. This initiative originated from a group of volunteers who are now working closely with the Junak - Czech Scouting organization to make the Jamboree a reality. The final decision to submit a candidacy will be made in spring 2020. 


Project Timeline

Junák - Czech Scouting has been steadily growing in the last decade. If this trend continues, we will have 100 000 members by the year 2031. This includes not only young children, but also enthusiastic leaders. As the number of members grows, so does our confidence in making bigger things happen. That is why we are not afraid of organizing global events nor being in the centre of the public eye. In addition, 2031 will mark 40 years of freedom in the Czech Republic. For all the mentioned reasons, we believe that the 27th World Scout Jamboree should be held in the Czech Republic.

Spring – Autumn 2017

Phase 0
The Story

This phase of the project has been dedicated to introduce the whole story of Mr. A.B.Svojsík. (founder of Czech Scouting and his dream of having the Jamboree in Prague in the 1920s-1930s).

Autumn 2017 – Summer 2018

Phase 1
The future
starts now

The phase 1 of the project is dedicated to the Project Management Educational Events. This involved discussions concerning the future of the Czech Republic and Scouting. The event was held in Prague, Brno, Pilsen, Ostrava, Olomouc and České Budějovice. The topic of the future was concluded at the final conference In Prague. This contained articles and advertisements in scout magazines.

Summer 2018 – Autumn 2019

Phase 2
Let’s try to imagine

In this phase we will mainly focus on the Project’s feasibility study. At the same time, we are planning to hold the second year of "Future starts now". The second edition will introduce 11 speakers who are the top experts in their fields. The project’s study will be presented for the first time and we believe it will help us to excite a wide audience. We will also participate in the preparation of a National Scout Jamboree in the Czech Republic.

Autumn 2019 – Spring 2020

Phase 3
Ready, steady…

The goal of the third phase is to get our project plan ready for the National Scout Assembly in March 2020. The approval of the National Assembly will be essential for the application of the 27th World Scout Jamboree.

If this application would be declined, we will need to revise and consider further steps. 

Spring 2020 – Summer 2023

Phase 4
Lets go!

At this stage our main focus will be the preparation of the official application for the 27th World Scout Jamboree. Due to the complexity of this phase, some of us will need to shift from volunteers to fully dedicated employees and ambassadors of this project. The official application will require more in depth analysis on various levels which need to be in line with WOSM requirements. 

Summer 2023 – Spring 2032

Phase 5
The Winner is...

The final stage is all about our dream goal - to organize the World Scout Jamboree in the Czech Republic. We would be hosting over 40 000 young people from all around the world. For 14 days we would get a chance to present the best of our country, traditions, history and to make the century long dream come true.

In case we will be appointed as organizers of the event, we expect to organize a National Jamboree or European Jamboree in 2028.

  1. PROMOTION FOR JUNAK AND CZECHIA – Junak – Czech Scouting will grow the reputation in the Czech republic through contacts in commercial, public, as well as the non-profit sector. Due to the fundraising, there will be financial support that can be used for new scouts’ equipment, such as houses or a national campsite.
  2. THE WORLD SCOUT JAMBOREE WILL BE THE BEST POSSIBLE PROMOTION FOR THE CZECH REPUBLIC – and not just for the country. It will be also the best possible celebration of the Czech, Moravian and Silesian Scouting. Jamboree can inspire and show that we can really make the world a better place.

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